More Sex Please, We're British

Behind the scenes of the UK’s most successful online sex toy business.

Channel 4

Funny, frank and a little naughty, this one off documentary sheds new light on the accessories involved in our sex lives. The film features the staff at Lovehoney in Bath who send out around twelve thousand boxes a week to the bedrooms of Britain. It's a people business.

In the warehouse, Andrea and Roy in the returns department have to deal with the 150 - 200 items that are sent back each day, often because what's been bought is too big. In the TV studio, Annabelle, the company's resident online presenter has plans to become a 'sexpert'. In the office, the king of sales figures Matt has devised a sex map of Britain. In the call centre, Laura isn't just handing out product advice, she's also helping callers find their own type of sexual happiness.